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Original Spares Inventory
• DELTA maintains inventory of critical spares and consumables at their works so as to enable quick deliveries of components for emergency customer requirements.
• DELTA offers service kits that contain all the spare parts required for routine equipment maintenance, plus detailed instructions for parts replacements.
• DELTA recommends customers to store important spare and wearing parts at their site for urgent downtime maintenance.
Commissioning & Installation at Site
• Delta service engineers can assist for start up commissioning activities when called for by customers •
Our qualified engineers will give necessary guidance and support so as to avoid damages to expensive equipments due to minor lapses
• We can provide for complete overhauling of the pumps prior to startup with genuine spares, in case the equipment is used after a prolonged shut down or after a long storage during transit
Field Service & Repairs
• With a network of highly skilled field service engineers, DELTA is ready to support you with sound professional advice.
• Quick professional response to service requests receives top priority. All service technicians have access to up-todate technical information for our products.
We give you the support you need, when you need it.
• All our field service engineers have undergone extensive and rigorous training at our works
In House Refurbishments of pumps Re-conditioning pump in our work shop will be carried out carefully and is subjected to the quality specs of new equipment. DELTA know-how and a qualified, long experienced staff guarantee optimum reconditioning.
• We offer:
• Quick job completion
• Original spare and wear parts
• Damage- and wear inspection
• Repair- and cost estimates
• Optimization of capacity, depending on the specific application
• Adoption of pumps to changed application conditions
• Test bed checked, performance certificate included Maintenance Contracts • We offer
Maintenance Contracts
to customers interested in scheduled and planned maintenance which is less costly than equipment breakdown.
• Our performance agreements are tailored to cover exactly what customers need. Depending on requirements, we can simply conduct routine service at regular intervals and fixed costs. Or we can define the service who, what, when and how to achieve your specific performance objectives.
• By evaluating system performance at site on the actual operating conditions, DELTA can determine exactly the right time to service your equipment.
• Training seminars are available at Delta works or can be conducted at the customer site. These are available for operating, maintenance and repair personnel.
• Customized training programs can be developed for specific customer requirements.
• These programs cover major and minor repairs, preventive maintenance, and troubleshooting.
• Training programs can be given for the complete product line